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The purpose of the equipment is automatic discharge of used abrasive material from the container on the machine tool for high-pressure abrasive-water jet cutting. The abrasive material is pumped to a replaceable container (Big-Bag) located on the equipment.

JS-75- starts its operation with a diaphragm pump pumping out the water from JS-750 drain tank, via a suction-discharge system to the machine tool tank, in order to agitate the old abrasive material on the waterjet table. Then the old abrasive material is sucked out, through a centrifugal separator, on which the water is separated from the abrasive. The abrasive material is placed in a replaceable Big-Bag, whereas the water is discharged back to the machine tool tank. Once the filling cycle for the replaceable container is completed and the container is again full of abrasive, the diaphragm valves are again reset and the flow direction is reversed for a short period of time in order to clean the suction-discharge system.

Thanks to its PLC controller the device can operate in AUTO or MANUAL mode. Electrical and pneumatic control systems for the device are installed in cubicles mounted on the machine face.

High capacity, no outages.

JS-750 is a high capacity device, with up to 1 ton per hour of old abrasive material discharged, with reduced power consumption compared to commercially available overflow systems. 

Thanks to this process of removing the old abrasive material, JS-750 system is at present the most efficient system of this type, with the highest level of automation.

The most important thing, however, is that the waterjet machine does not have to be stopped when using JS-750 – the waterjet machine may continue its operation. This means substantial savings for the owners of such machine tools. Additional advantage of JS-750 system is its versatility –the equipment can work with any waterjet machine.


Main advantages of the abrasive material discharge system:

  • High capacity: 1 ton per hour
  • Use of the separator: separates water from abrasive material, only 10% of water remains in the old abrasive, 90% of water is returned to the tank.
  • Automatic system: it is recommended to start the system once per shift (8 hours of operation), the equipment runs for 20 minutes.
  • Suction-discharge system: the system first agitates the old abrasive, then sucks it out, thus effectively removing the old abrasive from the tank.
  • Location of the suction-discharge system: the system is located at the bottom of the entire table. The system consists of a several tubes with perforated inlets so as to protect the system against ingress of large pieces of debris, and so the abrasive material may be collected from several places.
  • Polish product: the device was developed and manufactured in Poland using brand components.
  • Numerous satisfied customers: the system has been sold on the Polish marked for four years, with 30 customer actively using the system so far.

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